Lab Members

We will post a group photo either when we get our act together or the sun comes out again in Seattle.

Joshua Akey
Assistant Professor
akeyj at
Curriculum Vitae

The intrepid leader of the wily gang of genome scientists.

Graduate students

Leslie Emery
Graduate Student
emeryl at

Leslie is interested in computational genomics, evolutionary & population genetics, and data visualization. Since joining the lab in 2009, she has focused her research on human demographic history and detecting the signatures of recent positive selection.

Caitlin Connelly
Graduate Student
cait2249 at

Caitlin is particularly focused on yeast genomics and evolution. She is currently investigating the evolution of noncoding regions in yeast.

Jenny Andrie
Graduate Student
jmwagner at

Jenny is interested in yeast genomics. She is focused on the genetics of post-transcriptional processes and their effects on gene expression and protein levels.

Ben Vernot
Graduate Student
bvernot at

Ben is interested in human population genetics, with a focus on archaic introgression.

Rachel Gittelman
Graduate Student
rgittel at

Rachel is interested in how evolution has shaped genetic variation in humans and other primates.


Wenqing Fu
Postdoctoral Fellow
wqfu at

Wenqing is interested in the biological and evolutionary processes shaping the patterns of genomic variants, and the genetic mechanisms underlying human traits and diseases.

Sunjin Moon
Postdoctoral Fellow
sunjin at

Sunjin is interested in developing and applying population genomics methods to infer population genetics parameters and evolutionary history from large and complex comparative sequencing data sets.

Research scientists

Jennifer Madeoy
Research Scientist
jmadeoy at

Jenny is currently the longest tenured member of the Akey lab and oversees essentially all experimental studies conducted in the lab. Simply put, without Jenny and Marnie experiments in the Akey lab would come to a grinding halt!

Dayna Akey
Research Scientist
dakey at

When she is not chasing after our two boys, Dayna is chasing down several projects in canine genomics. She has a long-standing interest in mapping genes contributing to inherited canine diseases and continuing to pursue similar projects in the Akey lab.

Former Lab Members

Timothy O'Connor
Postdoctoral Fellow 2010-2013
timothydoconnor at
Focus of study: human population genetics, rare variation association mapping
Current position: Assistant professor at University of Maryland

Marnie Johansson
Research Scientist 2009-2013
marniejohansson at
Focus of study: yeast genomics
Current position: University of Minnesota

Dan Skelly
Ph.D. 2012
daskelly at
Focus of study: yeast evolutionary and functional genomics, statistical methods
Current position: postdoc at Duke University

Jacob Tennessen
Postdoctoral Fellow
jacob.tennessen at
Focus of study: human population genetics, detecting positive selection
Current position: postdoc at Oregon State University

Thomas Nicholas
Ph.D. 2010
tjn3 at
Focus of Study: canine genomics, copy number variation in canines
Current position: staff scientist at Washington University in St. Louis

Shameek Biswas
Ph.D. 2010
sbiswas at
Focus of study: human population genetics and statistical methods
Current position: Novo Nordisk Inflammation Research Center

Charla Lambert
Ph.D. 2008
lacharla at
Focus of study: human evolutionary genomics
Current position: Program manager at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

James Ronald
Ph.D. 2007
jscr at
Focus of study: evolution of gene expression QTL in yeast
Current position: Radiology resident at Duke University

John Calhoun
Research Consultant
2005 - 2007
johnccalhoun at
Thanks John for developing our website!